"We experience here great contrasts in the life of our society, in economic, political, and cultural marginalization. In a word, injustice. The church cannot remain silent in the face of such misery, for to do so would be to betray the gospel, it would be to become complicit with those who here trample human rights." - Oscar Romero

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

As a bishop in this Church, I am called to a sacred responsibility. It is the heritage of prophets, apostles, martyrs and all who have looked to God in hope. I said holy vows to proclaim and interpret the Gospel of Christ boldly. To enlighten the minds and stir up the conscience of the people of God. I will be merciful to all, show compassion to the poor and strangers, and defend those who have no helper.

Thus, I must write this letter to encourage our Church to embrace the cruciform life and to enter into the suffering of those who suffer. As followers of Christ, we are called to be bold, courageous and willing …

Hold Jesus

Our eyes are beholding the salvation of the world - Jesus Christ. 
Today let us spend our day in joyful celebration as we celebrate Candlemas. Simeon takes the child Jesus into his hands and rejoices. Let us take Christ into our hands, for he is the light of the world. Let us reflect how Jesus is moving in our lives. How Jesus is transforming the old into the new. Hold Jesus and then sing with Simeon: “Lord, let your servant now rest in peace, for you have kept your promise. With my own eyes I see the salvation you prepared for all peoples, a light of revelation for the Gentiles and glory to your people, Israel.”
Along with their newborn son, Mary and Joseph brought a sacrifice of two pigeons, the offering permitted in the law of Moses for those too poor to afford a lamb (Lev. 12: 8). Despite their lack of wealth, however, these peasants from Galilee carried in their arms the salvation of the whole world. Simeon and Anna, a holy man and a devout woman of Israel, immediately recognize…

A Holy Covenant, Sacred Ordinations, Blessed Visitation and Joyful Celebrations. Christ Church Media, Christ Church Ithan, St. Francis in the Fields, Crucifixion, St. Paul’s Chestnut Hill, St. George and St. Barnabas and Church of the Messiah Gwyned, St. Thomas Choir.

A most blessed Christmastide.   Over this past summer and fall, we have continued the Pilgrimage.  With each stop, I am moved by your faithfulness, hope, life and deep love of Jesus Christ.  The pilgrimage reflects the beauty of our journey together.   I will continue to share the experiences on this blog and will post weekly on Saturday mornings and share highlights of our week together.   Within the blog, I will post current news and events in the diocese and the Episcopal Church. 

This past convention was a sacred time together.  Prior to the convention, we held six additional budget listening sessions.  Your time, thoughtfulness and input was essential to discerning our life together.  The budget is a living, and sacred document and your recommendations improved the budget presentations and convention document.   Diocesan Convention was a wonderful time of growth and celebration.  In addition to completing the ministerial and administrative work of the Diocese, we have co…