Saturday, July 23, 2016

A joyous week

A joyous and hopeful entry into the Diocese. Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for a blessed consecration; words are cheap substitutes for my gratitude.  I will attempt to show it each day.  Thank you.

We began this journey on  Monday sprinting and had not stopped.  Planning is underway for the pilgrimage where I will visit all our churches (separate from official visitations) with the intent of listening and serving.  The second initiative is reading the Bible every day as a diocesan community.  You will find out more about reading the Bible effort in the coming weeks.

We are reorganizing the date and time of staff meetings (Tuesday’s).  We will also have as a Morning Prayer on Monday and Friday and the Holy Eucharist on Tuesday through Thursday.  I am learning more and more about the dedication, hard work and faithfulness of the Diocesan staff.  This week when one of our parishes did not have air conditioners, Canon Deming and Mark Klinger went out purchased and delivered.  Little steps to build the Kingdom of God. You have a dedicated staff working for you, and we will serve you.

A few meetings were with Archdeacon Nesbitt determining how we continue to strengthen our Diaconate program.  I met with Fr. Winter, and we will involve our retired clergy and the widows/widowers in the activities of our diocese.   If someone is ill, alone, or needs a simple “we are with you.”  Please let me know and I will call or visit.

I met with candidates seeking to be the rector of one of our parishes, and yesterday had a late dinner with directors of our EFM (great program).   Today (Saturday) I am touring a church to understand the structural needs of many of our aging facilities.  However, we will be creative, prudent, intentional and hopeful as we move forward.  Tomorrow I will be with the community of St. Lukes and my good friend Fr. Roger.

Finally, we are going to strengthen communication on all levels.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every conceivable option.  I have asked Linda Hollingsworth to keep scheduling every moment. Only sadness is that Jude and Suzanne returned to Albuquerque. I will be posting pictures of the pilgrimages, and I am so excited about this Diocese.  May you continue to be settled in God’s tender care.  Jesus is on the move in this Diocese of Love.  Come and See!


Friday, July 22, 2016


The Rt. Rev. Daniel G.P. Gutierrez will begin pilgrimages to all parishes immediately after his consecration.

The pilgrimages will be to visit all parishes in the Diocese within the next 6 months.
The mission of these pilgrimages will be to establish personal relations with clergy and lay leaders within the Diocese, to strengthen our connections with one another, and affirm our mutual calling in Christ.

Bishop Gutierrez says, “The purpose of the pilgrimage is to listen and be present to the Rectors, Vicars and Laity of the Diocese.  I want to hear your stories and continue to learn how your Diocesan Office and staff can serve your ministry.  Together we will proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and go out into the world.”

Deans from the respective deaneries will be in touch with clergy to arrange the time and date of the Bishop’s visits.

As the Diocese turns a page in its history and begins a new chapter with a new episcopacy, it is time to renew our commitment to Christ and our life together as a community of faith.  As we embark on these pilgrimages together let us call upon Jesus to bless this new era in the life of the Diocese and to bless each and every one of us who share the Good News of our Lord and Savior as we proclaim the Gospel to those who Come and See.


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