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Week 6. Come and See. Frances and the faithful of Brandywine.

While at the House of Bishops, I am catching up on the blog posts.  It is a beautiful and blessed pilgrimage.  Over the past week, you may have noticed the information and communications flowing from the Offices of the Diocese.  The staff of the diocese is intent on serving you.  Thus, we have released our purpose as the Office of the Bishop and Office of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania:  “To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom of God by serving the clergy and laity of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania.”
Because the Brandywine pilgrimage had an early Monday morning start, Fr. Richard Morgan kindly suggested that I stay at his home.  I learned of his extraordinary cooking skills and when he offered dinner; of course I said yes.
Upon arrival, I immediately was taken by 7-year-old Frances who was hanging from the banister.  She looked at me and said, “Hello Bishop.”  I said “Frances, that is a long drop” and she kept on swinging.  From then on w…