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As a community, we rejoice in our Lord’s resurrection.  
We have walked through a sacred time as hopeful people called Christians.   The penitential season of Lent has passed, the profound sacredness of Holy Week is a memory, and we loudly sing the Alleluias of Easter.  What next? 
It is Eastertide; embrace and live the call of following Jesus. 
After the resurrection, Jesus Christ was out on the road.  He was touching, transforming, envisioning, and breaking open new possibilities.  It is Good News for the world.  It is our chance to show His face.  Reveal the face of Christ to those who are seeking, who need reminding or to those do not know Jesus.  What a remarkable opportunity this Eastertide. 
Let us go out and proclaim a way that is unlike the shallow offerings of the world. 
In small groups, in our daily actions, we will step forward and be intentional.   Let us make Christ visible through our lives.   Through prayer, involvement at your church, community service, inviting people to…