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It always moves me

We drove to the VA Hospital to see a friend who is dying of cancer.  As we navigated through the mass of men and women sitting in the waiting rooms, I felt God's soft presence touching each one.  An elderly man was sitting alone in a wheel chair, nose dripping, head hanging down. I wondered about his family, how his life journey intersected with this place.

A veteran I do not know waves.  Something about the collar gives a familiarity.  I wave back and we both smile.  Others in wheelchairs, bandages, others limping along.

Often in places of pain, confusion and suffering I feel Christ.  I do not know how to explain it, but it always one of those thin places between God and Man, heaven and earth.  I wonder if the market was filled like this when Jesus touched the sick.

We make it up to the room and our friend is asleep.  His daughter is rubbing his arms attempting to wake him, his wife smiles as we walk in and hugs us.  Over 60 years of marriage, I hope for that love, that commitme…