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You are worthy

A television news segment reported on the pressures facing teenagers.  During the interview, many teenagers questioned their “worth.”  Worthy of the attention of others, worthy of being accepted into popular culture, worthy of their parent's attention.  We have become obsessed with societal acceptance, or monetary worth and have forgotten our inheritance.

We are children of the creator of heaven and earth.  The one who spins galaxies in the palm of the divine hand.  The one who breathes life into the tiniest red ant.  The one who sent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into the world because of our “worth.”

In a daily devotional reading.  Max Lucado wrote “The Lamb of Christ over the child of God? Whenever the Father looks down on you, what does he see? He sees his Son, the perfect Lamb of God, hiding you. When God looks at you, he doesn’t see you; he sees Jesus. And how does he respond when he sees Jesus? He rends the heavens and vibrates the earth with the shout, 'You are m…

Interesting Sacred Encounter at Grocery store

Stopped on the way home and while in check out line noticed a man watching me;   inspecting the collar.  “So, you a Priest?”  Yes, I am.  “So, you believe in miracles?”  Yes.  “Why? all a bunch of bull.”  

I smiled, put his bread on the counter and said “I am not smart enough to explain it.  All I know is I believe in Jesus; he is my everything, and somehow I know He is true. His miracles are real - even today.  It happens”  

He was never angry or pointed.  He smiled a bit.  As I was paying the cashier, I said - I consider it is a miracle that someone had the guts to ask me the question.  

Said goodbye and left told him “my brother, I will say a prayer for you tonight.”  He looked at me and said “thanks”  I am always blessed by sacred encounters.