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Week 11 of the Come and See Tour - Trinity, St. Peter's (St. Philip) Our Saviour, and St. John

My brothers and sisters, we continue this beautiful journey in the Come and See pilgrimage. With each stop, each conversation, each suggestion we build this beloved community.  As the pilgrimage continues, I go deeper and deeper into the belief that “a shepherd should smell like the sheep.”  In this way, I will learn to be a shepherd that leads “with” you.  At times the shepherd leads from the front and in other instances walks a few steps behind.  The truth is that we walk together.  Each step allows me to stand in humble awe of the sacred trust I have been given.  I fully understand that the shepherd does not own the sheep.  The shepherd cares for the sheep for the Master, and the Master is Jesus Christ. 
As we journey forward to Lent, you will hear me speaking of the desire (heard throughout the pilgrimage) to go deeper spiritually and with prayer.  I will be recording my Lenten message, and you will hear me speak of prayer, proclamation, and peace.  Everything we do, everything we …