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Feast of St. Joseph. Beautiful St. Joseph

Let us rejoice in St. Joseph. We joyfully sing of our Blessed Mother Mary and her poetic yes. Yet, we often forget the silent and active yes of Joseph. Joseph’s sacred and eternal response to God’s invitation should move the core of our being.

Joseph arose from the dream and from that day forward, his life was an affirmative response to God’s holy calling. He walked boldly toward Mary, and those footsteps changed the world. Imagine his fear when he said yes, knowing that he would be ridiculed for taking this woman with a child. His anxiety and care for his expectant wife as they traveled to Bethlehem. The wonder at the angels singing and listening to the visitors from the East. Josephs heart pounding as they make the desperate escape to Egypt. Each step a holy response to God’s plan.

Joseph was human and real. Imagine the joy when he lifted a young Jesus upon his shoulders as they walked to the market. The joyful play between the two of them before bed. The direction and loving discipline when Jesus misbehaved. The tears as they said goodbye upon Joseph’s deathbed.

Jesus looked up to this loving man as a father. Jesus spent hours watching Joseph work and learned his craft. Part of the goodness, compassion, personality, speech, and maybe even his gait was from being close to Joseph, the earthly parent. Joseph, dear Joseph, thank you for caring for Jesus. You prepared him well as he stepped out into the world as our salvation. I bow my head in admiration and reverence for your life, your faith and your holy yes.

Image by Morgan Weistling